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ctrl+f Agency repository

Be the welcome to the ctrl+F Agency repository. This one is dedicated to store all the work related with the projects developped in :ctrlfagency.com.

The websites used to store my projects are :

  • ctrlfagency.com - the website where all projects are introduced
  • my blog - The show-off of my work as web developper and software engineer

Data visualisation demos

  • planisphere - A planisphere 3d globe , with realtime geoIP statistics

On this repo

  • API_VOCALR - A vocal recognition web app built with nodeJS , Annyang, emSpeak, and MVC compliant.


$ git clone http://git.ctrlfagency.com/ctrlfagency/ctrlfagency.git ctrlfagency


Feel free to contact me for a partnership, i am currently open to most of coding proposals at contact@ctrlfagency.com.